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What People Are Saying About Us

  • I have the best memories of Rollag. However the best was the last one I was able to bring my father to and my 4 daughters and 2 grand daughters and my husband to. I will never forget looking at my daughters faces covered with soot from the steam engine and they had no idea My father laughed so hard at them. Then he commented on the old guys watching my daughters running back and forth during the parade!!!They are very well built and very pretty (IT WAS A HOY DAY) ha ha Yep grandpa thought that was very funny.

  • i like the way it brings back the history.

  • I like everything about Rollag.the food is great,people are very friendly,miniature land is awsome,all the tractors are interesting,best of all is the ride on the old steam engine around the park.I hope this goes on for many years to come.Thank you also to all the employees and volenteers,GREAT JOB.

  • I've been going to Rollag since I was about a month old and I've never missed a show. I may be only sixteen and a girl, but to me, Steam Engines are probably the coolest thing in my opinion. So no matter what, WMSTER is my favorite thing to look forward to in the summer. It needs to be five times a year.

  • its the only thing i look forward every year