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What People Are Saying About Us

  • We had a wonderful time. First time for us. Really enjoyed the farmstead and watching the horses working the fields. WOW!! The lumber mill was just awesome, those workers really had to know what they were doing. We will be back again. The smell in the air with all the wood smoke helped you imagine what it was like living back then. Also was amazed at how quiet those steam engines were.

  • The Steam Threshers Reunion has been and still is a long time family activity. Now being 51, it was at the Steam Threshers Reunion that I remember having my first "soda" orange, it was. I think I might have been about 8-10 yrs old. My cousin Lisa (Hilde) and I were walking around, and I remember she asked me if I wanted some soda, and I asked her "what is that?" At that time, I had such bad allergies to grain dust and hay, we called it "hay fever" back then. Oh, how I did not want to go anywhere near that dust, as I would sneeze and puff up for days! Thankfully, as My Grandpa Cora Syverson once told me, you will out grow it, and I have. It sure took long enough! Oh and by the way..... I do not drink pop today.... I prefer to teach 'traditional foods' and how our Great Grandparents ate, far healthier and cheaper too! Grandma would be proud as I show others how to make soap and make butter, the "new fangled way!" Becky Christensen or

  • I go to Rollag every year and every year its like going home again, even if its only for a weekend

  • This is a very well put on Show, very educational & very interesting to all who come and spend the day or weekend, i look forward to coming as often as i can, i try to come every year. thank you for all your hard work

  • My father-in-law brought me here for the 1st time 4 years ago and I didn't know for sure wheather or not I would like it but we have been coming back every year sinces and it is such a joy watching and learning by my father in law explains everything such a wonderful bonding exprense for me & my husband.